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Recent GLERL Publications:
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  • Denef, V.J., H.J. Carrick, J.F. CAVALETTO, E. Chiang, T.H. JOHENGEN, and H.A. VANDERPLOEG. Lake Bacterial Assemblage Composition Is Sensitive to Biological Disturbance Caused by an Invasive Filter Feeder. mSphere 2(3)(DOI:10.1128/mSphere.00189-17) (2017).
  • Nowicki, C.J., D.B. Bunnell, P.M. Armenia, D.M. Warner, H.A. VANDERPLOEG, J.F. CAVALETTO, C.M. Mayer, and J.V. Adams. Biotic and abiotic factors influencing zooplankton vertical distribution in Lake Huron. Journal of Great Lakes Research 43(6):1044-1054 (DOI:10.1016/j.jglr.2017.08.004) (2017).
  • Fujimoto, M., J.F. CAVALETTO, J.R. LIEBIG, A. McCarthy, H.A. VANDERPLOEG, and V.J. Denef. Spatiotemporal distribution of bacterioplankton functional groups along a freshwater estuary to pelagic gradient in Lake Michigan. Journal of Great Lakes Research 42(5):1036-1048 (DOI:10.1016/j.jglr.2016.07.029) (2016).

Recent Presentations:
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  • CAVALETTO, J.F., H.A. VANDERPLOEG, E.S. RUTHERFORD, D. WELLS, P. GLYSHAW, D. FANSLOW, and G.A. LANG. Spatio-Temporal Organization of the Pelagic Food Web in Northern and Central Lake Huron in 2017. IAGLR 2018, 61st Conference on Great Lakes Research, Toronto, ON, Canada, June 18-22 (2018).
  • WELLS, D., E.S. RUTHERFORD, J.F. CAVALETTO, H.A. VANDERPLOEG, P. GLYSHAW, D.M. MASON, S.A. POTHOVEN, A. Kurthen, S. Lenart, and C. Olds. Spatio-temporal variation in Coregonid larvae growth and density in Thunder Bay Lake Huron in 2017 IAGLR 2018, 61st Conference on Great Lakes Research, Toronto, ON, Canada, June 18-22 (2018).
  • RUTHERFORD, E.S., R.D.M. NASH, A.J. Geffen, D.W. WELLS, D.E. Eppehimer, P.W. GLYSHAW, H.A. VANDERPLOEG, J.F. CAVALETTO, S.A. POTHOVEN, and D.M. MASON. Disentangling Dreissenid mussel effects on larval fish distribution, density, diet, growth, and potential recruitment in SE Lake Michigan. Great Lakes Science Seminar series, Buffalo State College, Buffalo, New York, Nov. 13, 2017 (2017).
  • VANDERPLOEG, H.A., E.S. RUTHERFORD, J.F. CAVALETTO, H. Carrick, V.J. Denef, G.A. LANG, D.M. MASON, S.A. POTHOVEN, D. WELLS, and P. GLYSHAW. Fine-Scale Organization of the Pelagic Food Web in Southern Lake Michigan: Does it Matter? State of Lake Michigan Meeting,, Green Bay, Wisconsin, November 7-10 (2017).

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