GLERL Publications - January 2017

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LOFGREN, B.M. Comment on Hicham Bahi, et al. Effects of Urbanization and Seasonal Cycle on the Surface Urban Heat Island Patterns in the Coastal Growing Cities: A Case Study of Casablanca, Morocco. Remote Sens. 2016, 8, 829. Remote Sensing 9(1):91 (DOI:10.3390/rs9010091) (2017).

Marcus, D.N., A. Pinto, K. Anantharaman, S.A. RUBERG, E.L. Kramer, L. Raskin, and G.L. Dick. Diverse manganese(II)-oxidizing bacteria are prevalent in drinking water systems. Environmental Microbiology Reports 9(2)(DOI:10.1111/1758-2229.12508) (2017).

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