GLERL Publications - July 2017

Cable, R.N., D. BELETSKY, R. BELETSKY, B.W. Locke, K. Wigginton, and M.B. Duhaime. Distribution and modeled transport of plastic pollution in the Great Lakes, the world’s largest freshwater resource. Frontiers in Environmental Science (DOI:10.3389/fenvs.2017.00045) (2017).

Kramer, A.M., G. Annis, M.E. Wittmann, W.L. Chadderton, E.S. RUTHERFORD, D.M. Lodge, L.A. Mason, D. BELETSKY, C. Riseng, and J.M. Drake. Suitability of Great Lakes for aquatic invasive species basedon global species distribution models and local aquatic habitat. Ecosphere (DOI:10.1002/ecs2.1883) (2017).

POTHOVEN, S.A., and H.A. VANDERPLOEG. Changes in Mysis diluviana abundance and life history patterns following a shift toward oligotrophy in Lake Michigan. Fundamental and Applied Limnology (DOI:10.1127/fal/2017/1039) (2017).