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Short Project Title and Principal Investigators
 1. EEGLE Program Summary. B. Eadie, W. Gardner, V. Klump, and D. Schwab
 2. Measuring Turbidity Plumes Using Remote Sensing Imagery. C. Kerfoot, J. Budd, and R. Stumpf
 3. Physical Oceanography Observations. J. Saylor, G. Miller, and M. McCormick
 4. HF Radar Observations on Currents, Winds, and Waves. J. Vesecky
 5. Hydrodynamic Modeling Program. D. Schwab and D. Beletsky
 6. Meteorological Modeling Program. P. Roebber
 7. Sediment Resuspension and Transport Modeling Program. K. Bedford
 8. Sediment Resuspension and Transport. B. Eadie, D. Edgington, B. Lesht, V. Klump, K. Nealson, J. Robbins, and B. Tonner
 9. Phosphorus Dynamics and Production. J. Cotner, T. Johengen, B. Biddanda
10. Phytoplankton Processes. G. Fahnenstiel, S. Lohrenz, O. Schofield, D. Millie, L. Goad, and M. Julius
11. Copepod Reproduction and Recruitment. H. Vanderploeg and M. Bundy
12. Dynamics and Structure of the Lower Food Web. W. Gardner and P. Lavrentyev
13. Nutrient and Lower Food Web Dynamics: A Modeling Study. C. Chen
Collaborative Projects:
14. Nearshore Physical Oceanography Measurements. C.R. Murthy, K. Miners, F. Chiocchio, and J. Bull
15. Study of Organic Contaminants in Air and Water. K. Hornbuckle
16. Study of Nearshore Wind and Wave Processes. P. Liu and N. Hawley

EEGLE Program Management Team:
Dr. Brian J. Eadie
Dr. David J. Schwab
Dr. Wayne S. Gardner
The University of Texas
Dr. J. Val Klump
EEGLE Data Management Team:   EEGLE Web Manager:
Gregory A. Lang
Dr. David J. Schwab
  Gregory A. Lang

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