UM Meterological Buoy Data - 1999

John F. Vesecky                  Lorelle Meadows
University of Michigan           University of Michigan
Atm Oc & Space Sciences          Naval Arch & Marine Eng
734-764-5151                     734-763-5006    

OP Number: G1999057.01
Station Name: MET-UM
Deployment Cruise: SED-1999-056
Lat:   42 05.41
Lon:   86 33.40
Water Depth: 20m

Date in water: 2/26/1999

Wind speed sensor is 2.9 meters above the lake surface.
Reported wave height is the significant wave height.
Reported wave period is the average wave period.

Time period of measurements: 2/26/1999 - 6/15/1999

Paremeters Measured by buoy:
Date   (UT)
Time   (UT)
W Spd  (m/s)
W Dir  (mag)
AT     (deg C)
Wv Ht  (m)
Wv Pd  (s)
C Spd  (cm/s)
C Dir  (mag)
WT     (deg C)

For consistency with data from other met stations, the met data from the MET-UM buoy has been 
extracted and converted to GLERL/NOAAPort's LMD format, MET Data
For description of this format, see LMD Format

Current speed and direction from the MET-UM buoy has been extracted and save in a separate data file,
Current Data

Click here for the original MET-UM buoy data file.

Missing values: 999.0