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EEGLE Nitrogen Cycling

Water samples were collected from selected stations during 4 cruises (March 1999 and 2000, May 2000, and June 1999) on the R/V Lake Guardian. Water samples were spiked with 4 uM (final concentration) 15NH4+ or an amino acid mixture and incubated in triplicate light and dark 70 mL tissue culture bottles in a decktop, temperature-controlled incubator. In March and May 2000, additional light and dark triplicates were incubated after spiking with 0.4 uM PO4 and either 15NH4+ or an amino acid mixture. Dark bottles were wrapped with aluminum foil.

Initial samples were collected immediately after spiking and filtered with a 0.2 um syringe filter. These samples were analyzed for NH4+ and primary amines using a shipboard HPLC (Gardner and St. John 1991). Remaining filtrates were frozen in 8 mL Wheaton vials for later analysis of atom % 15N-NH4+ by HPLC (Gardner et al. 1995). After incubating for ~24 hours, final samples were collected and processed as described above. Twenty-four hour incubations were selected to allow measurable concentration changes to occur and make light-dark comparisons consistent among stations sampled at varying times of day.

Data is reported as net NH4+ or amino acid flux (uptake or production) in uM h-1. From the atom % 15N-NH4+ measurements, total NH4+ uptake and regeneration rates (in uM h-1) were determined using the Blackburn/Caperon model (Blackburn 1979; Caperon et al. 1979).

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Wayne S. Gardner or Mark J. McCarthy
University of Texas at Austin
Marine Science Institute
750 Channelview Drive
Port Aransas, TX 78373
(361) 749-6826 or (361) 749-6730 or


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