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E-Mail Distribution Aliases

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The EEGLE Program maintains several e-mail distribution aliases for the benefit of its participants. These aliases can be used by particpants to post queries, messages, or items of general interest.

Note: All messages are automatically CC'd to the Data/Web Manager and archived in E-Mail Archives.

No Longer Available Program Administrators, Principal Investigators, and Program Managers
No Longer Available Principal Investigators (includes Program Managers)
No Longer Available Program Managers (B. Eadie, D. Schwab, V. Klump, and W. Gardner)
No Longer Available Program Administrators (L. Clark, NSF/CoOP and J. Wickham, NOAA/COP)
No Longer Available EEGLE AND KITES PIs
No Longer Available GLERL Participants (Beletsky, Burns, Cavaletto, Eadie, Fahnenstiel, Johengen, Lane, Lang, Lansing, Liebig, McCormick, Miller, MillerT, Morehead, Muzzi, Robbins, Ruberg, Saylor, Schwab, Vanderploeg, Winkelman)
No Longer Available Modeling Group (Bedford, Beletsky, Chen, Chu, Ji, Niebauer, O'Neil, Roebber, Sanford, Schwab)
No Longer Available Sediment Group (Eadie, Lansing, Winkelman, Robbins, Hawley, Schwab, Morehead, Klump, Edgington, Waples, Lesht, Bedford, Chu, Hornbuckle, S. Miller, Smith, Urban)

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