The Impact of Episodic Events on Nearshore-offshore Transport in the Great Lakes: Physical Oceanography

PIs: Saylor, J. H., Miller, G. S., and M. J. McCormick Canadian Colleagues: Murthy, C. R., Rao, R., Miners, K., Chiocchio, F. and J. Bull



Our observation program is concentrated along the southeast coast of Lake Michigan which, based upon satellite AVHRR data, appears to be the best location for observing cross-margin transport. The observation strategy is based upon moored instrument arrays and Lagrangian measurement.


During the pilot year it was quickly realized that additional data coverage was necessary to augment the observational program. Consequently, GLERL funded scientists from CCIW to participate in EEGLE. In addition to their expertise they brought additional equipment, some of which they deployed in shallow, high risk areas in the primary study region. To date the major focus has been on obtaining and cataloging data from these experiments. Data results are summarized in the following table and some preliminary findings can be found under the products listed on the next page.

YearDays of temp dataDays of VACM dataDays of ADCP dataDays of SACM dataDays of drifter data