Miscellaneous EEGLE Images

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Severe storms. (Left 2) April 1997, Grand Haven, MI; courtesy of Edward Post. (Right 3) Jan 7, 1998 & Nov 11, 1998, South Haven, MI; courtesy of Muskegon Cronicle

May 22, 2000 R/V Shenehon Mooring Cruise. Activities included CTD casts, transmissometer retrievals, met buoy retrieval, water samples, and trap retrievals and deployments.

May 15-20, 2000 Lake Guardian Post-Plume Survey Cruise.

Mar 21, 2000 R/V Laurentian Process Cruise.

Mar 11-15, 2000 Lake Guardian Plume Survey Cruise.

Feb 18-23, 2000 Lake Guardian Pre-Plume Survey Cruise. Top row: Icy St. Joseph Channel; deployment of sediment traps. Middle Row: zooplankton nets; continuous flow water sampler/CTD; deployment of automated water sampler. Bottom Row: Laboratory production experiments; nutrient extractions; operating PSS; zooplankton experiments.

More Images from 1999

More Images from 1997 & 1998

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