Ashley Baldridge Elgin


Pre-GLERL Publications:
  • Baldridge, A.K. and D.M. Lodge. 2014. Long-term studies of crayfish-invaded lakes reveal limited potential for macrophyte recovery from the seed bank. Freshwater Science 33(3):788-797.
  • Sargent, L.W., A.K. Baldridge, M. Vega, K. Towle, and D.M. Lodge. 2014. A trematode parasite alters growth, feeding behavior, and demographic success of invasive rusty crayfish (Orconectes rusticus). Oecologia DOI 10.1007/s00442-014-2939-1.
  • Baldridge, A.K. and D.M. Lodge. 2013. Intraguild predation between spawning smallmouth bass and nest-raiding crayfish: implications for bass nesting success. Freshwater Biology 58:2355-2365.
  • Morse, J.W., A.K. Baldridge, and L.W. Sargent. 2013. Invasive crayfish Orconectes rusticus (Decapoda, Cambaridae) is a more effective predator of substrate nesting fish eggs than native crayfish (O. virilis). Crustaceana 86: 387-402.
  • Lodge, D.M., A. Deines, F. Gherardi, D.C.J. Yeo, T. Arcella, A.K. Baldridge, M.A. Barnes, W.L. Chadderton, J.L. Feder, C.A. Gantz, G.W. Howard, C.L. Jerde, B.W. Peters, J.A. Peters, L.W. Sargent, C.R. Turner, M.E. Wittmann, and Y. Zeng. 2012. Global introductions of crayfishes: evaluating impact of species invasions on ecosystem services. Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics 43: 449-472.
  • Kreps, T.M., A.K. Baldridge, and D.M. Lodge. 2012. The impact of an invasive predator (Orconectes rusticus) on freshwater snail communities: insights into habitat-specific effects from a multilake long-term study. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 69:1164-1173.
  • Choate, D.M., C.M. Prather, M.J. Michel, A.K. Baldridge, M.A. Barnes, D. Hoekman, C.J. Patrick, J. Rüegg, and T.A. Crowl. 2012. Integrating theoretical components: a graphical model for graduate students and researchers. BioScience 62:594-602.
  • Baldridge, A.K. and L.D. Smith. 2008. Temperature constraints on phenotypic plasticity explain biogeographic patterns in predator trophic morphology. Marine Ecology Progress Series 365:25-34.
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