International Field Years on Lake Erie (IFYLE)

Lake Erie Physical Data Sets

These data sets are comprised of existing long-term and IFYLE-specific physical environmental variables for Lake Erie. Included are hourly surface meteorological data from U.S. and Canadian weather stations, Coast Guard stations, buoys, and coastal marine stations around Lake Erie. Meteorological parameters are summarized on daily, monthly, and annual time scales. In addition, long-term ice concentration, hydrology, storm climatology, remote sensing, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wave climatology data are included. Data from IFYLE moored instrument arrays include surface meteorology from buoys, thermistor profiles, and current meter time series. Metadata is included for each specific data file.

IFYLE cruise data (e.g., nutrient samples, ctd profiles, towed instruments) are not reported here; rather they are found in the IFYLE Cruise Database

Data Sets:

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Gregory Lang: Data Manager