International Field Years on Lake Erie (IFYLE)

Project List

Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Cyanobacterial Toxins in Lake Erie.
G. Boyer
Historical Distribution of Microcystis and Its Toxins in Lake Sediments.
G. Boyer
Microbial food-web structure and function in Lake Erie: Influence of benthic-pelagic coupling on hypoxia in the central basin
H. Carrick
Estimations and Implications of Plankton Mortality in Lake Erie.
C. Gobler, S. Wilhelm
Time Series Measurements in Lake Erie
N. Hawley
Role of Natural Microbial Taxa and Assemblages in P- and C-dynamics in Lake Erie.
R. Heath, T. Meilander
The Influence of Seasonal Hypoxic Events in the Central Basin of Lake Erie on the Short-Term Growth of Organisms from Multiple Trophic Levels.
T. Hook, J. Diana
Examination of Nutrient Loading and Internal Nutrient Dynamics Association with Central Basin Lake Erie Hypoxia
T. Johengen
Lake Erie Core Inventory; Pb-210 dating, Org C & TN analysis.
V. Klump, J. Waples, P. Anderson
Microzooplankton and Phytoplankton Distribution and Dynamics in Relation to Seasonal Hypoxia in Lake Erie.
P. Lavrentyev
A New MODIS Algorithm for Retrieval of Chlorophyll, Dissolved Organic Carbon, and Suspended Minerals for the Great Lakes
R. Shuchman, D. Pozdnyakov, G. Leshkevich
Forecast Modeling of the Impacts of Filtering Rates of Dreissenids in Lake Erie
S. Lozano, S. Ruberg
Ecological Responses to Low Oxygen Events in Central Lake Erie.
S. Ludsin, H. Vanderploeg, T. Nalepa, S. Peacor, S. Ruberg
An Assessment of the Role of Biologically Available Iron in the Formation of Bloom Forming Cyanobacteria in Lake Erie
L. Molot
Novel Methods for Identifying and Quantifying Nutrient Inputs and Cycling In Lake Erie
A. Paytan, C. Kendal, N. Ostrom
Stable Isotope Analysis of the Lake Erie Food Web
D. Raikow
Integrated Observation Systems
S. Ruberg
Forecasting hypoxia effects on food web dynamics in the central basin of Lake Erie
E. Rutherford, S. Bartell, L. Sano
Assessing Species-Specific Phytoplankton Phosphorus Limitation and Competition for Phosphorus Uptake across the Trophic Gradient in Lake Erie.
O. Sarnelle, G. Horst
Lake Erie Physical Measurement and Modeling Program
D. Schwab, M. McCormick, D. Beletsky, J. DePinto
Spatial and temporal changes in fatty acid content of phytoplankton and zooplankton in the eastern, central, and western basins of Lake Erie
M. Teece, S. Fitzpatrick
Lakewide Primary Productivity Survey of Lake Erie Using Advanced Technology
M. Twiss, R. Smith
Dreissenid mussels as homeostatic filter feeders and nutrient excreters: Implications for harmful algal blooms (HABs) and nutrient cycling across trophic gradients
H. Vanderploeg (non-IFYLE GLERL funded Lake Erie project)
Development of a MODIS Image Product for Mapping Phycocyanin Pigment in Blue-Green Algal Blooms (Toxic Algae)
R. Vincent, G. Leshkevich